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Agile in Hardware

Ever since the beginning of the new millennia, Agile has taken the software development world by storm, with its fresh and radical philosophies and its… Read More


In today’s Agile world, there are a lot of popular frameworks and practices. While most of them originated from software development, like the initial… Read More

Agile and Lean

Agile and Lean are currently 2 of the most popular business philosophies, adopted by many organizations across the globe, in various domains and circumstances. Read More

The 4 Values of Agile

Back in 2001, when those software rebels gathered at the mountain retreat, they were each representing development frameworks that were providing an alternative to the… Read More

Scrum – A Brief Introduction

In today’s world, where things are moving faster than ever and consumers are becoming more and more demanding, getting the product right has become increasingly… Read More

What is Agile?

Introduction to Agile Over the past couple of years, “Agile” (with capital A) has slowly entered the business jargon and it is now a… Read More