Continuous Improvement in your organisation

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Australian Re-brand

Exciting news coming from our Australian business with our refreshed brand identity. Stay tuned for the reveal of our new website, coming soon! If… Read More

The “An Post Way”

“We engaged with the Leading Edge Group in early 2018 to evaluate our existing processes, understand the context and challenges unique to An Post… Read More

New Year’s resolutions for the workplace

It is a long fast tradition to make a resolution when the New Year comes around. The classic resolutions revolve around our health, relationships and our finances, but what about our businesses? It might be time to start thinking about how you can whip your business into shape for 2020 with the help from Leading Edge Group.The post-Christmas slump, a lack of money and the dark nights all put a dampener on the first month of the year. But there is no reason why you cannot start off 2020 in your organisation in a more positive manner. Just think of the possibilities if you had made-to-measure services in your organisation. Read More

Ornua – Achieving Operational Success through Maturity Assessments

Barry O’Brien of the Leading Edge Group, recently evaluated 5 different Ornua sites on their pathway to Operational Excellence through adopting our Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM). We support the on-going assessment of individual Ornua sites against best practice OpEx criteria, outlining a trackable roadmap for each site. Read More

Introducing Continuous Quality Improvement to Community Based Organizations

The Leading Edge group recently partnered with the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA) with a view to bringing continuous quality improvement methodologies to community based organizations across Canada. The partnership has allowed us to provide webinars and improvement workshops to participants who wish to know more about quality improvement and how to grow problem solving methodologies within their organizations. On the morning of October 2nd 2017, a fully subscribed webinar was hosted by the CCA in Toronto and generated many good questions from the participants. With over 160 people signed up, we needed to check our technology was up for the job! Read More

Be Creative in Rewarding Your Staff

A great employee reward system can improve engagement and keep staff focused on what matters most. However, the reward system has to be comprehensive enough to incorporate recognition and appreciation (not necessarily financial reward!). To be effective the reward system has to be aligned with the organization’s goals. It is important to recognize, appreciate and reward employees as that results in them feeling valued. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are generally happier, embrace the work on hand and contribute more to the organization. This results in a constantly improving organization. Read More