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Lean Dairy Farm Video goes Viral with over 106,000 views

The Leading Edge Group and the Ryan Family are embarking on a Lean journey to be deployed across their dairy farms in Ireland. Our Lean Dairy consultant, Pat O’Donnell, explains the approach that is being applied in Phase 2 of this project and Pat Ryan gives us an insight into why Lean is so important to the future sustainability of the Irish dairy industry. Watch the video by clicking on the image below! Read More

What is a Farm “Gemba”?

What is “Gemba”? Go See. In a nutshell, that’s what Gemba means – Go See. Go see the work and activities on the farm, go see your workers, go see how you all do the thing you do. Walk it, learn it, understand it. When you have really seen your processes, you can start to improve them. Read More

There’s more money in dairy farming than construction

Photo credit: Irish Independent I read a very interesting article yesterday in the Irish Independent stating that young people will earn more money from dairying during their working life then they would if working in the construction sector. Hopefully this might make our students think again before applying for college places. There is huge demand for management staff on farms and the sector needs young, innovative and motivated people to make a difference in a much changing farm environment. Read More

Lean Dairy Farm Website Launch

Lean transformation of supermarket chains such as Tesco in the 1990’s have ultimately extended back along the supply chain to the transportation companies, food processors, dairies and now on to the farm.  Read More

Reducing costs on the farm

Great discussion with a leading farm advisor in New Zealand last night on the range of benefits being achieved in the land of the long white cloud after introducing Lean Farm initiatives 4 years ago. The following are some of these examples and what you can expect to achieve with deploying Lean on your farm. Read More