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The Pain Caused for not Applying Digital Lean

We were recently working with a client company and specifically their marketing department. They had purchased a Lean generation software tool 15 months before which allowed them to track who was visiting their websites. They were spending in excess of €10k per annum for the privilege!

Part of our project was to value stream and heat map all aspects of their Lead Generation activities and we were interested to see how both their processes and systems were being deployed. We discovered some home truths especially with regards to their “new” Lead Generation Software.

  • One individual decided to buy the software with no proper financial/business evaluation on reason to purchase
  • No mapping had taken place on the existing lead generation process to understand the current gaps and disconnects and where this software could benefit Lean Generation on a company-wide basis from a productivity and process efficiency perspective
  • No training on the software was provided to the marketing staff and no SOP developed
  • Only two marketing staff actively used the system – most people didn’t know it existed
  • Only 10% of the features were used

During the project we involved all the marketing staff in developing a future state for the Lead Generation process which resulted in the Lead Generation Software becoming the “engine” for developing new business relationships, nurturing them and closing sales.

  • The Website hits were split, segmented and reported across the various territories deploying individual dashboards all readily available on the software
  • Daily huddles were instigated so that staff could target appropriate contacts in the companies (via LinkedIn) that visited the websites on the previous day
  • A data analyst interrogated the data with regard to sectors; length of stay; repeat customers; landing pages read; personas etc.
  • Monthly KPI’s were established to measure the various layers of conversions

As a result, the marketing department has had phenomenal success with regard to increases in qualified leads; new clients and sales – all for €10k a year. The ROI is off the Richter scale.

This is a very simple example of what a Digital-Lean philosophy can do for your company.

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